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Pole Shorts

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Are you just starting your adventure with Pole Dance or maybe you are already a professional athlete? Regardless of your level, the DARTFROG pole shorts will be perfect for you. At DARTFROG, we create pole wear for women who, like us, believe that Pole Dance is a sport, and if so, real sportswear is needed to do it. We have created our pole fitness shorts together with the best pole dance trainers and athletes in the world and we did not stop fixing it till the time they all said that DARTFROG pole shorts are the best they've ever had. DARTFROG pole fitness shorts... you can be sure that they will always stay in their place, nothing will show through, curl or squeeze, our fantastic and unique designs will make you feel like a million dollars during each class during which you will be wearing them, and additionally you will forget about wet stains of sweat and unpleasant odors because we have made them from the most advanced and best materials produced in Europe.

Therefore, if you are looking for shorts designed for pole dance, which will be durable, beautiful, and incredibly comfortable, you are in the best place and look no longer, DARTFROG has them for you. Choose Your favorite style and length, and check how it feels to wear the best pole shorts on the market