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Short Pole Shorts

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The DARTFROG short pole shorts bikini is an excellent choice for those of you ladies who like to show a little more but still present a sporty style. DARTFROG pole shorts are best described as "sporty but sexy."
Like all DARTFROG pole wear, our short pole shorts are made of the best, perfectly absorbing moisture and breathable materials that will provide you with comfort and confidence in every situation, even during the most demanding pole sessions.
Nothing about DARTFROG pole shorts is accidental. We took great care of every detail, which is why our pole dance bikini shorts have, among others, a special pocket for a sanitary pad, super elastic sawing, additional trimmings. If you are looking for pole shorts that show a bit more, are incredibly comfortable, durable, and also look fantastic, then you are in the best possible place. Find out how it feels to wear the best short pole shorts on the market.