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V Neck Sports Bra

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V neck sports bra by DARTFROG, it's our newest proposition when it comes to DARTFROG workout sports bras. The wide waistband under the breast provides excellent support from the bottom and perfectly shapes the waist in its upper part. Crossed arms do not restrict movement and make you feel confident and comfortable even during the most demanding exercises. Additional, space for your favorite bra pads if you prefer to insert them.
In addition to all of the solutions mentioned above, there is more thing we have to say because this is the main reason why You will fall in love with DARTFROG v neck sports bras. Like all DARTFROG womens activewear, our sport bras are made of the best 100% European, Oeko Tex certified materials. They are soft and delicate in touch, and at the same time very durable. All our clothes absorb moisture like no other, and their air permeability coefficient is one of the highest.
Your new V neck sports bra by DARTFROG is a perfect solution for all indoor and outdoor activities. You can also use it as an excellent alternative for Your bikini top since this great sports bra will be a perfect choice for Your beach and water activities.